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Report on uptake of analysis and advice CEBRA project 1405D - illegal logging

1405D ID4

Robinson, A. and McMaugh, T.


Sampling to support claims of area freedomN/ACamac, J., Dodd, A., Bloomfield, N. and Robinson, A.30/1/20
MAMPEC Modelling of Key Australian Ports to predict impacts of in-water cleaning dischargeN/ABloomfield, N.3/8/20

CEBRA Research Webinar

Dr James Camac

"Estimating trading partner exposure risk to new pests or diseases"

Presentation slides

 Camac. J25/11/21

CEBRA Research Webinar II

Dr Terry Walshe

"Environmental Biosecurity - Beyond the Matrix"

Presentation slides

 Walshe, T24/2/22

CEBRA Research Webinar III

Dr Aaron Dodd

"Value; and Value Added. Modelling and Maximising Impact"

Presentation slides

 Dodd, A31/3/22

CEBRA Research Webinar IV

Nathaniel Bloomfield

"Automated image analysis for identifying  biofouling risk of vessels"

Presentation slides

 Bloomfield, N28/4/22

CEBRA Research Webinar V

Andrew Robinson

"Proportional value of interventions across pathways and layers of the biosecurity system"

Presentation slides

 Robinson, A26/5/2022

CEBRA Research Webinar VI

Tim van Gelder and Ariel Kruger

"Streamlining the risk assessment process"

Presentation slides

 van Gelder, T and Kruger, A30/6/22

CEBRA Research Webinar VII

Edith Arndt

"The use of rubrics in qualitative evaluation"

Presentation slides

 Arndt, E.28/7/22

CEBRA Research Webinar VIII

Christine Li

"The use of damage functions to estimate consequences from pests, diseases and climate change"

Presentation slides

 Li, Christine.25/8/22

CEBRA Research Webinar IX

Susie Hester

"Inventing biosecurity insurance: Using incentives to sustainably fund biosecurity"

Presentation slides

 Hester, S.29/9/22

ACERA II Reports



Chief Investigators


Quantifying the effects of uncertainty in responses to key weed risk assessment scoring questions


Caley, P


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