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Graduate Researchers

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    Sana Bau
  • Profile picture of CEBRA PhD Student Gouri Mondal
    Gouri Mondal

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Professional Staff

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    Sue Tan, Business Manager
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    Erica Kecorius, Administrator


Dr Aaron Dodd

Associate Professor Tim van Gelder

Associate Professor Richard de Rozario

Dr Daniel Spring

Dr Raphael Trouvé

Dr Terry Walshe


The CEBRA Board provides advice on the operations of the Centre to the CEO on the research and policy framework. Also the Board oversees the application of relevant professional standards, the progress and performance of research and outcomes, the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of the Centre. The Board is representative of broad-ranging interests and includes:

Committee Members


  • Ms Lindy Hyam, Chair (Independent)


  • Prof Andrew Robinson (CEO, CEBRA, UoM)

Core members

  • Mr Terry Charlton (Independent)
  • Ms Sarah Corcoran (PHA)
  • Prof Jodie McVernon (UoM - Doherty Epidemiology)
  • Prof Margie Mayfield (UoM - BioSciences)

Advisory members

  • Dr Bruce Christie (Independent)
  • Prof Michael McCarthy (UoM - Ecosystem and Forest Science)
  • Prof Ian Robertson (Murdoch University)
  • Prof Peter Taylor (UoM – Mathematics and Statistics)

DAFF advisory members

  • Mr Peter Gooday (DAFF - ABARES)
  • Dr Bertie Hennecke (DAFF - ACEBO)

MPI NZ advisory members

  • Dr Michael Ormsby (MPI, New Zealand)

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