Intelligence research develops and tests tools to assist biosecurity managers to foresee new threats. These tools include software dedicated to scanning the internet for signals of emerging issues, the fostering of foresight activities to help biosecurity managers to anticipate problems, and social network analyses to support the timely and efficient dissemination of new information. Such tools will assist governments and other managers to minimise the threat of future biosecurity incursions.

Intelligence projects

  • 1503A (1303A, 1403A) : Intelligence gathering and analysis

    International Biosecurity Intelligence System (IBIS) is a web search tool that provides real-time intelligence on emerging pests, diseases and pathogens. The project will develop platforms to support aquatic, animal and plant disease intelligence.

  • 1503B : Intelligence tools for regulated goods traded via e-commerce

    Internet commerce facilitates long distance dispersal of alien species (risk goods), but the effects of this trade are neither well understood nor documented.  Initial research is required to determine whether software already exists that can be used, with or without modification, to readily identify biosecurity risks associated with internet commerce.