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Building Scientific Capability

Building Scientific Capability themed research endeavours to ensure that science remains effective and cutting edge in an increasingly complex biosecurity environment by building capacity and developing professional networks and collaborations.

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Data Mining

Data Mining research aims to develop, test, and implement systems and protocols that provide effective and efficient inspection of large volumes of biosecurity data.

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Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis research contributes to surveillance by using spatial models that anticipate the source of biosecurity risks, identify high risk pathways, predict the spread of current incursions and the locations of future biosecurity incursions.

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Intelligence research develops and tests tools to assist biosecurity managers to foresee new threats.

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Benefit Cost

Benefit Cost research is about determining the optimal–cost efficient approach for maximising the detection of different biosecurity incursions and managing current and future threats.

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Pathways research develops tools and protocols for structuring the information about biosecurity threats.

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