Intelligence tools for regulated goods traded via e-commerce

Project ID: 1503B
CEBRA Project Leader: Matthew Chisholm
DA Sponsor: Carolyn Bleach
DA Project Leader: N/A
DA Division: Border Compliance and NZ MPI
MPI Project Manager: Steve Hathaway
Collaborators: N/A

Internet commerce facilitates long distance dispersal of alien species (risk goods), but the effects of this trade are neither well understood nor documented.  The magnitude of the threat is not known, and tools for managing the risk are underdeveloped.  Initial Research is required to determine whether software already exists that can be used, with or without modification, to readily identify biosecurity risks associated with internet commerce.  Such software can help to better understand the nature and magnitude of the risks, and help to determine the appropriate regulatory response to the risks.

The project will be a desktop exercise involving reviews of available literature and data and discussions with staff in other jurisdictions.  Existing software will be evaluated against a set of functionality requirements that will be specified at the outset of the project.  These requirements will be informed by key MPI stakeholders from Surveillance & Incursion Investigation Teams, Biosecurity Response, Business Technology and Information Services, Integrated Targeting and Operations Centre, Policy and Trade, and Border Clearance Services.  We will concentrate our efforts on assessing the software used by regulatory agencies in various jurisdictions.  These agencies may be biosecurity regulators, or regulators of other types of risk arising from international movements of goods or persons.

1503B Final Report

Research program


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