Using decision support tools in emergency animal disease planning and response: Foot-and-Mouth disease

Project ID: 1504D (1404D)
CEBRA Project Leader: Tom Kompas
DA Sponsor: Tim Chapman
DA Project Leader: Graeme Garner
DA Division: Biosecurity Animal
MPI Project Manager: Dr Andre van Halderen
Collaborators: N/A

Modelling studies both in Australia and overseas have shown that vaccination can be very effective in reducing the size and duration of an FMD outbreak.  Vaccination is most effective in reducing the duration and size of an outbreak when used early and is less effective the longer you delay.  However, a decision to vaccinate early in the outbreak may result in using vaccination in situations where it is not actually required, with consequent implications for post-outbreak surveillance, the management of vaccinated animals and the ability to regain FMD-free status and access to markets.  Overall, the choice of control measure to adopt in an FMD outbreak will thus depend on the variable and potentially conflicting objectives of the control program.  As an important component of disease planning and preparedness for the department, the project will report on key information that could be used in an FMD outbreak to infer the potential scale of an outbreak and information to support disease management decision-making.

1504D (1404D) Final Report

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