Cost effective surveillance of foot-and-mouth disease

Project ID: 1404A (1304A)
CEBRA Project Leader: Tom Kompas
DA Sponsor: Tim Chapman
DA Project Leader: Graeme Garner
DA Division: Biosecurity Animal
MPI Project Manager: Christine Reed
Collaborators: N/A

Current surveillance for FMD in Australia is primarily through a passive surveillance approach, relying on notification of a disease through clinical presentation. Recent work through Animal Health Committee's General Surveillance Expert Working Group found that for many parts of Australia it could take many weeks for an FMD incursion to be notified. The Matthew Review (2011) reported that any delay in detecting FMD could seriously amplify the scale and duration of an outbreak, the losses that are experienced and the nation's ability to recover. Relatively little has been done in terms of active surveillance for high consequence threats like FMD, and there is no well-developed economic case for the benefits of doing so. This project provides both simulation results and an optimizing framework to determine appropriate active and enhanced passive surveillance measures against FMD in Australia.

1304A Final Report

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