Increasing confidence in pre-border risk management

Project ID:170602
Project Name: Increasing confidence in pre-border risk management
CEBRA Project Leader: Dr Susie Hester
DAWR Sponsor: Tim Chapman, First Assistant Secretary
DAWR Division: Biosecurity Animal
DAWR Project Leader/s: Allan Mooney, Senior Policy Officer – Aquatics and Marine Pests section
Collaborators: The Centre for Market Design (CMD)

Project Summary:

The department acknowledges it requires a monitoring system at the border to ensure Competent Authority (CA) compliance with Australia’s import requirements. Currently, most CA-certified goods arriving at the Australian border are ‘released on documents’ – typically no additional inspection or testing of the good is required. The post-arrival programs under development by the department provide additional checks to a ‘release on documents’.

This project will evaluate the likelihood that CAs will comply with Australia’s biosecurity requirements for particular pathways. It will identify strategies used by CAs, and the exporters they certify, to meet Australia’s biosecurity requirements. Where it is demonstrated that Australia’s ALOP is unlikely to be met, the project will recommend appropriate changes to regulations. This may include modifications to post-arrival programs where surveillance could be used to provide assurance that pathogens of biosecurity concern are below acceptable thresholds.

Research Program

Strengthening Surveillance

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