CBIS/CSP sensitivity analysis

Project ID: 170608
Project Name: CBIS/CSP sensitivity analysis
CEBRA Project Leader: Dr Susie Hester
DAWR Project Sponsor: Dr Marion Healy, First Assistant Secretary
DAWR Division: Biosecurity Plant
DAWR Project Leaders:

  • Rob McGahy, Plant Import Conditions Review, Plant Import Operations Branch, Plant Division
  • Lois Ransom, Assistant Secretary, Plant Import Opereations Branch, Plant Division


  • Animal Division
  • Biosecurity Integrated Information System (BIIS) programme
  • Biosecurity Policy
  • Operational Sciences
  • Plant Biosecurity Division
  • Service Delivery – ISD and ASG

The Department manages biosecurity risk using various tools and processes to reduce the risk pre-shipment and remedial actions on arrival if necessary. However, there are other information sources, intelligence and industry practices that could contribute to the effective management of biosecurity risks, which are evident in many highly compliant imported products, but which are not recognised as official controls. This project will investigate how these diverse types of information (such as HACCP) could enhance the rollout of the Compliance Based Inspection Scheme (CBIS) in the Department.

The objective of this project is to develop practical, rigorous and transparent guidelines that will allow pathway managers to determine the appropriate CBIS parameter values that should be applied on a particular pathway. Specifically, deliverables are envisaged as:

1. An assessment or investigation into how offshore hazard controls (HACCP) may interact with our onshore mechanisms such as the CBIS

2. Guidelines for staff to assist them determine and calibrate CBIS eligibility and processes.

3. A spreadsheet-based simulation tool that can help officers to test the effects of offshore control points on CSP parameters.

Research Program

Strengthening Surveillance

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