Illegal logging sampling strategy

CEBRA Project Leader: N/A
DA Sponsor: Wayne Terpstra
DA Project Leader: Teresa McMaugh
DA Division: Agricultural adaptation and forestry
MPI Project Manager: N/A
Collaborators: N/A

In the first year, the project will develop a sampling strategy that will identify clients on the basis of stratified attributes of the client and/ or the regulated product, for the Department of Agriculture to approach those clients to seek information about how they are meeting their regulatory obligations.

The sampling strategy will be integrated into a larger information technology capability that is to be built by the Department between July to November 2014 for the illegal logging compliance program. The sampling strategy will feed into the ICT business requirements for the build, and need to align with the ICT applications that will be available.

In the second year, once adequate data is collected on the selected clients in terms of their compliance characteristics, the second objective will be for CEBRA to provide advice and undertake analysis of compliance trends.

The sampling strategy would be applied by the Department for the lifetime of the compliance program for the legislation, with adjustments to the targets over time as intelligence of compliance risks build and based on analysis by CEBRA on trends on compliance information in the second year.

Final Report 1405D

Research program


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