A Biosecurity Risk Research Portal to Inform Decision-Making

Managing biosecurity risk relies on getting the right information at the right time. Effective decision making asks the most important questions and sources the best strategic advice. CEBRA is developing a research portal — a digital library — that will answer key questions about the real-world biosecurity system.

Currently, biosecurity research priorities are decided without complete information about what has already been done and is currently underway, and where there are knowledge gaps. To streamline and make research project development more transparent and scientifically robust, the portal will be used to efficiently identify gaps in biosecurity research and flag existing parallel work. Through the digital library’s searchable interface, users can access relevant innovations, technology, analytics, and insights from biosecurity research to proactively inform investments.

More information is available at University of Melbourne Figshare.

CEBRA Project Leaders: Les Kneebone and Andrew Robinson

Research Partners: ABARES, MPI, Better Border Biosecurity NZ., BIIS Enabling Services Team

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