Sana BauSana Bau

Sana is interested in how to integrate science and practice to deliver better conservation outcomes in environmental decision making.

Victoria HemmingVictoria Hemming

Victoria is interested in experts, specifically those who have expertise in ecology and environmental science. Her research involves improving methods for screening and selecting experts, eliciting and documenting expert opinion,and the analysis of expert opinion. She aims to help decision makers use expert opinion in a way that yields accurate and robust decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Decky JunaediDecky Junaedi

Decky is interested in using knowledge of plant traits to inform invasive plant risk assessments of exotic flora for use in Botanic Gardens.

Matthew MalishevMatthew Malishev

Matthew's research interests lie in foraging theory, individual-based modelling, energetics, and predator-prey dynamics using state-space models.

Lucy RoseLucy Rose

Lucy is interested in improving the quality of decisions in management and conservation of wetland biodiversity by exploring quantitative tools for prioritization of resource allocation.

Thiripura Vino

PhD: Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Group A Streptococcal Infection in Northern Australia

Nayomi Attanyake

PhD: Efficient estimation of hazard cut-points for risk-based fleet management

Gayan Dharmarathne

PhD: Exploring the Statistical Aspects of Expert Elicited Experiments

Elise Gould

Elise is interested in the reproducibility of ecological decision models, specifically, how to value and measure conservation / restoration outcomes.

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