Assoc. Prof. Michael McCarthy

Assoc. Prof. Michael McCarthyMick is an Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He is interested in developing, evaluating and applying models to assist environmental management. His research spans many areas including detection of invasive and rare species, population dynamics, fire ecology, synthesis of ecological data, ecological indices, and environmental risk assessment.

Dr. Terry Walshe

Dr Terry WalsheTerry's research deals with the coherent and logical treatment of value judgements and causal judgements in decision-making. He is especially interested in developing techniques that better address societal and organisational values, risk and uncertainty, and frailties in expert opinion. His research has included contributions to natural resource management, conservation, public health and biosecurity. He spends much of his time facilitating stakeholder workshops using the techniques and tools of structured decision-making.

Prof. Brendan Wintle

Assoc. Prof. Brendan WintleBrendan is a Professor and ARC Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He is interested in uncertainty and environmental decision making. He publishes on technical and policy issues around conservation and natural resource management, including optimal conservation investment, optimal monitoring and adaptive management, systematic conservation planning, population viability analysis, and habitat modelling and mapping.

Prof. Mark Burgman

Prof. Mark BurgmannMark is the Director of the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College in London, UK and a Professorial Fellow with CEBRA.  He is interested in the representation and propagation on uncertainty, and on elicitation of expert judgment. He works on ecological modelling, conservation biology and risk assessment. His research has included models on a broad range of species and settings including marine fisheries, forestry, irrigation, electrical power utilities, mining, and national park planning.

Dr Fiona Fidler

Dr Fiona FidlerFiona is interested in how experts make decisions, including how scientists themselves collect, interpret and draw conclusions from their own data. She is an advocate of ethical statistical
practice, and has worked to establish an evidence base for statistical reform in the biological and behavioural sciences. She is also interested in expert judgement and how to improve the performance of decision making groups.

Dr Yung En Chee

Dr Yung En CheeYung is a research fellow in the School of Botany at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests and experience lie in applying ecological and decision-analytic theory, models and methods to conservation and ecosystem/natural resource management problems. She currently works on several projects including: developing spatial and decision support tools to help design, evaluate and rank multi-action river restoration strategies, as well as interdisciplinary research on understanding user uptake of decision support models for natural resource management.

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