CBIS/CSP sensitivity analysis

Project ID: 170608
Project Name: CBIS/CSP sensitivity analysis
CEBRA Project Leader: Dr Susie Hester
DA Project Sponsor: Dr Marion Healy, First Assistant Secretary
DA Division: Biosecurity Plant
DA Project Leaders:

  • Rob McGahy, Plant Import Conditions Review, Plant Import Operations Branch, Plant Division
  • Lois Ransom, Assistant Secretary, Plant Import Opereations Branch, Plant Division


  • Jason Whyte (CEBRA)
  • Animal Division
  • Biosecurity Integrated Information System (BIIS) programme
  • Biosecurity Policy
  • Operational Sciences
  • Plant Biosecurity Division
  • Service Delivery – ISD and ASG

The department’s ability to implement new and existing inspection protocols pathways is often limited by a lack of understanding about characteristics of import supply chains that may increase or decrease biosecurity risks, compliance rates, and thus approach rates at the Australian border. Characteristics that may change biosecurity risks include: whether off-shore certification has taken place; the complexity of the product and the level and type of processing that has occurred; the length of journey and the standards in the country of origin. In addition, aspects of the production environment off- shore, such as whether a pest is known to be present in the growing area, and how it is managed on- farm, may also change the approach rate at the Australian border.

This project investigates how these diverse types of information could enhance the implementation of biosecurity inspection protocols at the Australian border, including further rollout of the Compliance Based Inspection Scheme (CBIS) by the department.

Final Report  170608

CBIS Sensitivity Module

Research program

Strengthening Surveillance

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