Plant-product pathways and the Continuous Sampling Plan

Project ID: 1305B
CEBRA Project Leader: Andrew Robinson
DA Sponsor: Tom Aldred
DA Project Leader: Christina Aston and Jessica Sibley
DA Division: Biosecurity Plant
MPI Project Manager: N/A
Collaborators: ABARES

This project will build on previous work conducted by DA and ABARES/ACERA to develop methods for reviewing and updating import management policies for plant products on an ongoing basis in response to an evolving environment.It is imperative that the monitoring tool is developed to ensure there is a continual review of the biosecurity incidents data to determine whether intervention at the border should be increased or reduced depending on the biosecurity risks identified.

The project will be phased as follows:

  1. Improve the simulation tool to reduce lengthy processing time to analyse pathways and assess commodities for suitability to CSP (by December 2013).
  2. Analyse the types of failures occurring on high-risk pathways (by June 2014).
  3. Determine utility of performance measures to assess CSP efficacy (by December 2014).
  4. Data mining for profiling of plant-product pathways to inform best practices for pathway biosecurity risk management (by June 2015).
  5. Assess different simulation strategies such as block-bootstrapping to address unbalanced incident data within commodity types (by December 2014).
  6. Develop reporting capability on performance metrics to quantify how biosecurity risk and DA may be impacted by implementation of potential CSP candidates (by June 2015).

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