Import clearance performance management

Project ID: 1501F
CEBRA Project Leader: Andrew Robinson
DA Sponsor: Raelene Vivian
DA Project Leader: Wayne Terpstra, Jamie Brown, Greg Hood, Jose Arias
DA Division: Border Compliance
MPI Project Manager: N/A
Collaborators: N/A

The Department of Agriculture, Border Compliance Division is developing a suite of performance indicators and the necessary infrastructure to collect the needed data, and has asked for CEBRA support.  The support will comprise two phases.  Phase one invloves two main tasks.  The first is a review of current performance indicators.  This review will asses whether current indicators are suitable for all import pathways at conveying performance to policy areas and for senior manangement.  This review will require input from senior executives who regularly use these performance indicators, the managers of pathways that do not currently have performance indicators, and biosecurity policy areas. It will also seek feedback from the managers of travellers and mail that have implemented the existing performance indicators.  the terminology of compliant and non-compliant needs to be reviewed.  The review will also consider alternatives to existing indicators.  This task will involve both the department and CEBRA working together to survey stakeholders and produce a paper outlining the review's findings.

The second task will entail the review and documentation of existing intervention practices for each regulated pathway.  Declaration requirements, intervention rates and other regulatory practices vary within and between pathways; therefore most pathways will need to be divided into sub-pathways that are analysed separately.  This task will be primarily undertaken by the depatment, with CEBRA advising on the most appropriate way to describe pathways to support the development of performance indicators in phase two.  Tasks one and two will be undertaken concurrently.

Phase two will use the results of phase one to develop performance measures for each pathway.  This work will deliver a report recommending performance indicators for each pathway, including quantitative descriptions of leakage surveys (if applicable), data and data collection requirements.  Phase two will predominately be undertaken by CEBRA, with the department providing advice to ensure that performance measures are practical and can be implemented.

1501F Final Report

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