Compliance and risk based sampling for horticulture exports

Project ID: 1501E
CEBRA Project Leader: Andrew Robinson
DA Sponsor: Louise van Meurs, Kylie Calhoun
DA Project Leader: Russell Cant, Adam Dawes
DA Division: Biosecurity Plant
MPI Project Manager: N/A
Collaborators: N/A

The Horticultural Export Program (HEP) undertakes inspection of plant products before they are exported.  Inspections are carried out to a standard specified by the importing country, such as 600 units, which provides 95% confidence that the contamination rate is below 0.5% if no defectives are discovered.  The standard specification is problematic when consignments comprise many lines of different products.

HEP will provide CEBRA with historical inspection data as required, or in its absence, will engage in suitable elicitation exercises to develop data substitutes. CEBRA will analyse the inspection data using several approaches including combining likelihoods and empirical Bayes, and make recommendations regarding suitable mechanisms of inspection of small or multi-product consignments, and for the intervention management of low-risk pathways, using, for example, one of the CSP family of inspection algorithms.

1501E Final Report

Research program

Data Mining

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