Incorporating real-time economic components in Australia’s FMD modelling capability and evaluating post-outbreak management to support return to trade

Project ID: 1608D
CEBRA Project Leader: Tom Kompas
DAWR Sponsor: Tim Chapman
DAWR Project Leader: Graeme Garner
DAWR Division: Biosecurity Animal Division
MPI Project Manager: N/A
Collaborators: N/A

Following an outbreak of FMD, surveillance will be required to demonstrate that infection has been eradicated from the population and enable any remaining movement restrictions to be lifted within the country. Proof of freedom will also be needed to satisfy trading partners and regain access to international markets. Although vaccination is increasingly being recognised as an important tool to assist in containing and eradicating FMD outbreaks, it will make achieving recognition of free status more difficult—keeping vaccinated animals in the population will delay the period until FMD-free status is regained under the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) guidelines and add additional complications to the postoutbreak surveillance program.

There is no agreed approach to post-outbreak management of vaccinated animals in AUSVETPLAN with the options being to: (1) allow vaccinated animals to remain in the population to live out their normal commercial lives (vaccinate-to-live); (2) remove all vaccinated animals from the population (vaccinateand- remove). Under option 2, vaccinated animals could be subject to (a) slaughter to waste i.e. remove and dispose of vaccinated animals; or (b) slaughter and salvage i.e. attempt to sell either raw or processed product from vaccinated animals. For (b) there may be some residual value of products that could offset some of the costs.

The project will bring together epidemiological and economic expertise from the Department, the Australian National University, and CEBRA to formally explore and establish a science-based and cost effective approach to regaining free-status after an FMD outbreak as expeditiously as possible. The project will expand the Department’s modelling capability as well as providing insights into postoutbreak FMD management and contribute to Australia’s FMD preparedness.

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