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CEBRA Governance Structure

CEBRA Governance Structure

CEBRA Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides advice on the operations of the Centre to the Managing Director on the research and policy framework. Also the Advisory Board oversees the application of relevant professional standards, the progress and performance of research and outcomes, the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of the Centre. The Advisory Board is representative of broad-ranging interests and includes:

Committee Members:

  • Dr Colin Grant, Chair
  • Dr Robyn Martin (DAWE)
  • Dr Michael Ormsby (MPI, New Zealand)
  • Mr Peter Gooday (DAWE – ABARES)
  • Professor Ian Robertson (Murdoch University)
  • Ms Sarah Corcoran (DPIR, NT)
  • Professor Peter Taylor (UoM – Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Professor Pauline Ladiges (UoM – BioSciences)
  • Professor Anna Meredith (UoM – Melbourne Veterinary School)
  • Professor Jodie McVernon (UoM – Doherty Epidemiology)
  • Professor Tom Kompas (UoM, ex officio)
  • Professor Andrew Robinson (UoM, ex officio)

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee will oversee the scientific quality of Centre outputs and will manage the review process for completed documents, thereby ensuring the scientific excellence of project outcomes. The Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee is:

  • Professor Ian Robertson, Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University, Western Australia.

The Centre's Scientific Advisory Committee members have considerable experience in undertaking and managing consultancies, scientific reviews and conventional individual-based and team-based scientific research, and will be able to offer independent advice on the relevance and practicality of research proposals as well as the scientific quality of research outputs.

Research Partners Panel

The Research Partners in Australia and New Zealand provide technical support and extensive professional networks to help identify appropriate researchers who are excited to see the products of their work used in an applied context.  Together with the Scientific Review, they will advise on strategies to develop concepts and issues that are likely to generate the greatest gains in biosecurity risk analysis methods and that best serve the interests of the Australian community.  The following individuals and groups have agreed to cooperate with the Centre, forming the core of the Research Partners Panel. All are leaders in their respective fields, with highly respected research track records and extensive professional networks.

Veterinary Science and Epidemiology

Biosecurity Risk Analysis, Plant Science

  • Dr Simon Barry, CSIRO
  • Professor Phillip Cassey, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Gary Fitt, CSIRO
  • Mr Greg Fraser, Plant Health Australia
  • Professor Stephen Goldson, AgResearch New Zealand, Better Borders Biosecurity New Zealand
  • Dr Tony Gregson, Plant Health Australia
  • Dr Steve Hathaway, New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)
  • Dr John Kean, AgResearch New Zealand, Better Borders Biosecurity (B3) New Zealand
  • Dr Rieks van Klinken, CSIRO
  • Dr Kim Ritman, ABARES, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Corporate Risk Management

  • Dr Dale Cooper, Broadleaf Capital International.

Biosecurity, Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research

  • Professor Peter Bardsley, Centre for Market Design, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Oscar Cacho, Business, Economics and Public Policy, University of New England
  • Dr Andreas Kiermeier, South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
  • Professor Ian Gordon, University of Melbourne, Statistical Consulting Centre
    Economics, Social Science

Management Executive

  • Professor Andrew Robinson (Director, Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis)
  • Ms Cassie Watts (Business Manager, Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis)

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