TitleProjectChief InvestigatorsYear
Using decision support tools in emergency animal disease planning and response: Foot and Mouth disease

1404D  ID7

Garner, G., East, I., Bradhurst, R., Roche, S., Rawdon, T., Sanson, R., Kompas, T., Van Pham, H. and Stevenson, M.3/4/2017
Tools and approaches for invasive species distribution modelling for surveillance 1402B Barry, S., Elith, J., Heersink, D., Caley, P., Kearney, M., Tenant, P. and Arthur, T. 14/11/2016
Incentives for importer choices1304C ID5Rossiter, A., Hester, S., Aston, C., Sibley, J., Stoneham, G. and Woodhams, F.14/11/2016
Report on uptake of analysis and advice CEBRA project 1405D - illegal logging1405D ID4 Robinson, A. and McMaugh, T. 8/5/2015
Baseline 'Consequence Measures' for Australia from the Torres Strait Islands Pathway to Queensland: Papaya Fruit Fly, Citrus Canker and Rabies1405C ID5 Kompas, T., Ha, P.V. and Spring, D.13/11/2015
Development of an expert-based model for improved biofouling risk assessment1402A ID5Barry, S. C., Caley, P., Liu, S., Paini, D. R., Carey, J. and Clark, G.13/11/2015
CEBRA 1401C/D: AIMS & SAC text mining, stage 11401D ID1Chisholm, M., Lyon, A., Grant, L. and Zaman, T.13/11/2015
Risk based management for imported ornamental fin-fish1305A ID2 & 3Robinson, A. and Hood, Y.28/4/2015
Making robust decisions with a model subject to severe uncertainty1304B ID3Mascaro, S.11/7/2014
Optimal surveillance against transboundary animal diseases in heterogenous spaces: The use of bulk-milk testing for FMD (post-outbreak) in the dairy regions of Victoria1304A ID7Kompas, T., Ha, P.V., Nguyen, H.T.M., East, I., Roche, S. and Garner, G.12/2015
Evaluating spatial analysis tools for surveillance and monitoring in marine and terrestrial environments1302A ID6Burgman, M., Arthur, T., Hollings, T., Elith, J., Barry, S., Kriticos, D., Kearney, M., Yemshanov, D., Brown, P., ten Have, J., Summerson, R., Starkey, C. and Hennecke, B.10/11/2014
Updating the methods for ballast water risk table construction1301C ID7Arthur, T., Zhao, S., Caley, P., Robinson, A., Gregg, M. and McCrudden, R.06/2015

Other Research Activities Undertaken by the Centre:

Robinson, A., Hollings, T., Chisholm, M. and Armstrong N. (2014) ML vs MRR: Weibull Parameter Estimation for Making Decisions