Title Project Chief Investigators Year

Multi-pathway risk analysis: a case study of Puccinia psidii

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1206A ID2

Holliday, J; Jones, S; Elith, J; Glen, M;simpson, J; Edwards, J; Robinson, A; Burgman, M.


Trace 1.0.4

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1206B ID2

Potts, J; Robinson, A; Burgman, M.


TRACE: An R-package to trace pest spread via multiple dispersal mechanisms

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1206B ID2

Potts, J; Robinson, A; Burgman, M.


Statistical modelling and risk return improvements for the plant quarantine pathway

(pdf - 932.6 KB)

1206F ID2

Arthur, T; Zhao, S; Robinson, A; Woollcott, B; Perotti, E; Aston, C.


A sampling framework and trial for the surveillance program

(pdf - 849.4 KB)

1206G ID1

Holliday, J; Robinson A.


Detectability of arthropods in fresh produce consignments

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1106C ID3

Perrone, S; Maynard, G; Crowe, B; Connel, M; Papacek, D; Hepworth, G; Robinson, A; Burgman, M.


Model-based search strategies for plant diseases: a case-study using citrus canker (Xanthomonas citri)

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1006B ID2

Potts, J; Cox, M; Christian, R; Burgman, M